Welcome to the Hip Hop Abs Challenge!!

Yay for making it!! If you are reading this, then you are on the road to success! First off, congratulations, and I am so happy that you have put your trust in me, and this group to help you reach your goals! You have taken the first step to taking control of your health and fitness. Hip Hop Abs is one of the most popular selling home workout programs with Beachbody… Do you want to know why? Simple. IT WORKS! There are thousands of success stories and they continue to grow daily. If you stay committed, there is no doubt that you too can have great success with this program.

So when you think about it, this whole program is pretty simple. You get a calendar which shows you what workouts to do, a nutrition guide that tells you how to eat and an exercise guide that shows you how to do the workouts. Plus, with the videos, there is even an option of “new to class”, that breaks down the moves to help you even more. You won’t be thrown into something that you have to learn right away. I never had any background of cardio, dance, NOTHING, and I was able to get the moves down within a few days. As long as you are moving, you burn calories!! So we all should be in our best shape come the 30 days right? Well, hold on. There can and will be challenges along the way, however, I have broken down some steps to get you on the right path. Here is step #1.

Step #1 Get a Coach! Signing up for a Beachbody coach is great idea. Why? Because first off, it’s FREE. And second, they have been where you are and know what you are going through. A coach can help guide you through the program from start to finish. Through my experience, I have wanted to eat cheat meals, I wanted to take days off and had moments where I was so sore I could barely move. But I kept pushing play and I followed the nutrition plan. And my commitment is to push you to do the same! So if you want to make me your coach, please head on over to http://www.teambeachbody.com/surge2008 and click on Join Team Beachbody, and from there choose, Sign me up for free membership to make an account! I will automatically be set up to be your coach. I will be there for EVERY question, every set back, every success. EVERYTHING.

Step #2 Get the proper equipment. With Hip Hop Abs, the great thing is you don’t need any weights, like a lot of at home workouts require. When you order Hip Hop Abs, it comes with EVERYTHING you need right there in one simple box. Only thing you need, is YOU, and some dedication. The best part is, that is FREE!

DVDs: If you don’t already have Hip Hop Abs, I highly recommend you purchasing what is called a Challenge Pack through my site. You can get that by going to http://www.teambeachbody.com/surge2008, and click on Shop, then Challenge Packs on the left hand side. With the Challenge Pack, you will always get the best deal. With the Challenge pack, you ALSO get a 30 day supply of any flavor of your choosing for Shakeology, a 30 day free trial in the VIP online club, where you can get customized meals suited to your needs, and FREE shipping. You can always just of course use the program Hip Hops Abs by itself, but I promise you, by incorporating Shakeology by replacing it with one meal a day, you are going to get even better results. Here is a link talking JUST about Shakeology and all the health benefits that come with it if you want to know more. http://myshakeology.com/esuite/home/surge2008

Step #3 Learn about Nutrition: If you want the best possible results, then you have to follow a nutrition plan. It will be important to learn about nutrition as you go. A great place to start is the Hip Hop Abs nutrition guide. As an added bonus, I am also going to provide a 5 day nutrition guide that is going to tell you exactly what to eat for 5 days. It comes with a shopping list so you will know exactly what to buy. It does include Shakeology, but like I said before, that is not a requirement, but because I use Shakeology myself and believe in the product so much, I have incorporated it.

Step#4 Stay Committed! So the last step is to stay committed! This can be the hardest part! A lot of people can start off strong for a week or two but then fall into old habits quick. So make the commitment now and decide you are going to do this. Log on to our Challenge Page on Facebook and chat with others! Push play and follow the nutrition plan. And most importantly… think about Why you are doing this!!! I promise you it is worth the hard work!

So if you follow these 4 steps, then over the course of 30 days you are going to have great results. Your clothes are going to fit better, you are going to be more confident, and you are going to have more energy and your going to get more out of life! There couldn’t be a better time to do it with Summer just around the corner!

I am here to support you on your journey, so let me know how I can help. And I cannot wait to hear about your transformation story so please share!

P.S. -When you join the challenge group, BE SURE TO TAKE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES!! You have the chance to earn $100,000 dollars in the Beachbody Challenge just by showing off your hard earned work!! You can find out more about that information, here. http://www.teambeachbody.com/connect/beachbody-challenge

Your Coach,


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